We are so excited to have St. Juliana’s Catholic School, Florida join the Mathletics community. The school’s local success manager, Matthew, recently ran an exciting class launch with the students – who loved racing each other in Live Mathletics!

See how excited the students get while all competing against each other in Live Mathletics!

In an addition to the huge bank of core curriculum content, adaptive practice activities, eBooks and interactive tutorials; the live gaming area of Mathletics is so much more than a fun diversion. It’s a fast-paced and exciting way to improve mathematical fluency.

Learn all about this popular part of Mathletics.

Live Mathletics is designed to be used by students of all ages and has ten levels, covering everything from simple addition to some really tricky algebra and statistics. Have you tried them all?

Download a guide to the math of Live Mathletics

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