Angela Keyt, Mathletics Lead Educator at St Paul’s Anglican School, in Brisbane’s North shares how their recent Maths challenge went…

For two weeks each year our school hold an interclass Mathletics challenge. It’s a great way to celebrate Mathematics, and to revisit the different components of the programme. While it is a competition, the emphasis is still firmly on having fun, enjoying Mathematics and challenging themselves against their own standards.

Week 1 was a LIVE challenge. Research about developing effective skills and learning in Mathematics hinges on developing automaticity in basic facts. LIVE promotes exactly this. The first week of our interclass challenge focussed solely on student’s scores in LIVE. Each student was encouraged to challenge themselves against their own personal bests (PB) in each level. The competition ran from Monday until Friday at 3pm. The results function in the teacher centre breaks down scores of each class, and each student into their LIVE score and their Core Curriculum score. Awards were presented to the top point scorer in each year level, and to the first, second and third placed classes overall. It was exciting to see that in a week so many of the children amassed significant scores, and the number of children who were able to improve their PB. Our top student score in one week of LIVE was just over 18 000 points. Very impressive for a 10 year old! It was great to see a number of classes make the leaderboard, just from LIVE. Classes did not necessarily give students a lot of class time in order to build their point scores. Most classes spent only an extra 30 – 45 minutes over the whole week. Students were self-motivated (and peer motivated) to get online before and after school, as well as at lunchtime.

Students playing Live Mathletics_St Pauls

In Week 2 the focus shifted to the Mathletics Core Curriculum. Students were encouraged to revisit topics they had completed earlier in the year as revision as well as embark on some new challenges.  The variety of additional courses available ensured students all had the opportunity to work through new activities at their appropriate level, and continue to stay engaged and interested as they completed their gold bars. Once students completed their gold bars, teachers would move them to a customised course to continue to extend and challenge them.

Students and teachers alike have readily embraced the internal competition. It is an excellent mid year/mid semester activity, encouraging students to re-engage with Mathletics as a tool to review and revise what they have learnt throughout the year. The two week competition will also be a great lead up to the World Education Games on 13-15 October, with students keen to test themselves against other schools across the world.

Angela Keyt – Mathletics Coordinator

St Paul’s Anglican School, Brisbane QLD

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