Being a student of science creates curiosity and discovery in everything. Science brings understanding and makes students see the world in a different light. Jessica Von Pein is the epitome of what a love of science can create. Jessica has a love for knowledge that only a true scientist can understand, making her lifestyle be led by her passion for science. This passion was so immense that she was awarded the top prize in the Pearson student of the year awards for her video entry in the Science, Computer Science and IT category. Students like Jessica show that a drive for science can create joy and excitement for learning that can lead to a happy lifestyle of learning.

The University of Queensland student was recently nominated by School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience Professor Susan Rowland. Her professor explains that her reasons for nominating Jessica was due to her dedication to her studies, her interactions with lecturers, her contributions to course websites and her ability to balance her work and free time. Jessica was always finding ways to engage her mind in scientific thought, whether by class, tutoring, online or notes, she was always challenging herself with different ways to learn and think about topics from different point of views.

“Jess is a great role model for any student who wants to succeed”
Susan Rowland, Professor at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience

IntoScience loves finding exciting students like Jessica as she speaks to what science is all about. IntoScience sets a diverse learning platform where students can immerse themselves in a world of science and engage that learning in more ways than one, all while having fun every step along the way. A student can be competing in scientific quizzes with other students one minute, than explore the Jenolan Caves the next. Opening a world of science to our young students and showing them the joy of knowledge and experimentation can play a big role in creating a passion for science that we see in people like Jessica.


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