Why do students love learning to read with Reading Eggs?

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  • The virtual environment is endlessly patient and each student can make real progress at their own pace.
  • ABC Reading Eggs is infused with a sense of humour and students are surprised and amused by the program. They enjoy the variety of game-like activities, the rewards, the memorable funny songs and the animated characters that become like friends as they progress through the lessons.
  • Each student can create their own avatar/online character.
  • Each time a student completes a learning activity they are rewarded with Golden Eggs for their Eggy Bank.
  • They can then use these Golden Eggs to buy fun and educational games at the Arcade.
  • Students get a real sense of achievement as they progress through each of the eight maps.
  • They love collecting Critters – a new critter hatches at the end of every lesson.
  • Best of all, they love mastering the skills of reading!

What part of the program captures your students’ engagement?

It’s impossible to name just one, they find all parts of the program engaging. Reading Eggs caters to the interests and learning styles of all students. Those who are competitive enjoy the games in the gym, those who enjoy reading a particular genre of books love exploring their interest in the library, those who are interested in a challenge love completing quests. Every single student enjoys setting up their apartment or house.

Assistant principal Sarah – Jane Hazell, Tenambit Public School