Mathletics Lead Educator Certification

Brian Host

“This program is a fabulous pathway for educators to become equipped to support their students learning in increasingly engaging game based learning.”

It has allowed my class to desire to succeed. Their goal has been to all get certificates each week and collectively motivate each other to achieve this. The ability to monitor and track students’ performance, strengths and weaknesses has supported accuracy in reporting to parents and collaboratively we have worked to improve this outcome together.

In Year 2, I have used Mathletics as an introduction to the model of flipped learning.  It has also been a starting point for our School’s 1 on 1 BYOT computing initiative. Mathletics is supported by high numbers of our K-6 teachers as they can see the benefits of curriculum aligned interactive technology. Students are engaged and love the chance to become the winning Mathletics class of the term based on certificates achieved and mastery levels.

Certification has given me a structure to work with to professionally develop staff and it has given me new ideas and opportunities to show teachers how they can improve their practice.

Brian Host
Classroom Teacher, ICT Integrator
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