Handy hints for teachers

  • Laminate your student’s sign in cards or ask students to paste their sign in cards into their maths books or school diary (and don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself in case they are misplaced!).
  • Create shortcuts on your school computers for easy access to Mathletics.
  • Schedule 30 minutes in your class to get students engaged with using Mathletics.
  • Record your teacher sign in card safely or contact us to have it resent 1300 850 331.
  • Be fully supported with Mathletics.  Save to favourites www.mathletics.com.auwww.mathletics.com/certification and our training portal www.3plearning.com/training/where you can access guides, videos, live online training webinars, workshops and more.
  • Establish your student recognition strategies – make sure students know your expectations for example, how and when they will be recognised and supported with their Mathletics use.
  • Advise parents about Mathletics in your class through the school newsletter and/or send home a Parent letter.
  • Use Mathletics Assessments to assign tests to your students as a class or individually to evaluate progress against Australian Curriculum outcomes. With automatic marking of assigned tests, Assessments provide outcomes based graphical reporting with student diagnosis.
  • Target individual requirements of your class by selecting related Mathletics activities that target your students’ weaknesses.
  • Group students by ability and assign them an appropriate course eg core, extension and remedial groups.
  • Host a Mathletics Parent session to explain your classroom goals for Mathletics this year and address any parent questions/concerns. Remind your parents they can register at www.mathletics.com/parent to receive weekly email reports on their child’s progress.

These Getting Started tips will help you in achieving your Mathletics Certification (Levels 1 and 2).  To find out more visit the Teacher Certification Pathway for fully scaffolded support where you can earn PD hours that count towards your professional development hours!  You control the pace and best of all it’s free!

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