Rebecca Chappell, Head of Pre-Prep at Yarrells Prep School shares how her school uses Mathletics and why they love it so much. Here’s what she had to say:

“We introduced Mathletics into our Pre-Prep department several years ago and have never looked back.We offer it as a continuous, optional homework and we also give children in Year 2 time to work on their own individual programme during their computer time. Many of the children are motivated and inspired by Mathletics, working diligently on it every night, striving to complete tasks and achieve certificates. We find our higher ability children benefit from it the most but we also find that with its instant feedback Mathletics gives children a quiet mathematical confidence which helps them become more independent when facing mathematical tasks in the classroom. We present Mathletic certificates every Tuesday during our Pre-Prep assembly when the children stand up and take a bow. We are always thrilled to see children with silver and gold certificates.

Mathletics is easy to manage and great value for money! It has made a difference to our Pre-Prep children at Yarrells Prep School.”

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