One isn’t driven to improve until they are truly challenged. Competition is a platform that takes your abilities and puts them to the test. Making a student learn through cognitive exercises is great for developing the ability to spell, but getting a student to challenge themselves and use that knowledge in an energetic and fast-paced test of their abilities can create an educational drive that boosts a student’s will to learn.

Spellodrome recognises the value of interactivity and competition through Live Spellodrome, an educational live versus mode, made to challenge students spelling wits. Live Spellodrome has recently been updated with a tonne of improvements and new features to make the most out of driven learners.

What’s changed?

A simpler levelling system. This system breaks down Live spelling difficulties into three levels, offering higher points per word for the higher levels of more difficult words to spell. Take on level by level until you work your way to the top.

Wider range of words. Spellodrome’s wordlists are 10,000 words strong. This boost in words power transitions into Live Spellodrome and ensures students are always kept on their toes.

Fresh new interface. Similar to that of everyone’s favourite education program Mathletics, Live Spellodorme’s improved interface now gives students the option to challenge themselves or the world.

Travel the world. Explore the world of spelling and pin locations on Live Spellodrome’s world map of countries that you have competed against for spelling glory. Challenge friends and classmates, or just seek to spell all over the world with this new way to journey your spelling feats.

Live Spellodrome creates diversity of knowledge through a driven education space. By providing diverse and engaging methods to learn, Spellodrome keeps students engaged and alert with their spelling. The goal is to give students a platform to which they can be educated, entertained and constructive to themselves and to the learning of other they compete with.

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