The latest Spellodrome upgrade saw improvements to accessibility with iPad and tablet compatibility and a complete overhaul of the visuals and user experience. This includes updated word list games and more opportunities for your students to earn reward points. Bring your weekly word lists to life with Spellodrome’s range of literacy games!

[BRAND NEW] Word Detective

In our brand new game, Word Detective, students team up with the cluey Mr. D. Tective to solve the word mystery, one letter at a time.

[IMPROVED] Words in Pieces

Words in pieces gives students a series of puzzle pieces with half a word on each. Connect up all of the words in their word list to earn reward points.

[IMPROVED] Word List Workout

Word List Workout puts students in the hot seat in a race against the clock to spell all the words in their word list quickly but accurately. Words are read aloud and students have 5 minutes and 3 spare ‘lives’ to spell all their words correctly before they are eliminated.

[IMPROVED] Bonus Games

Gone are the days of students’ hard work in Bonus Games going unrewarded. The popular Find-A-Word and Crossword bonus games now count towards students weekly reward point tally. With 100 points for every completed activity students will be more engaged than ever!

[BRAND NEW] Rewards Certificates

Rewards are a great way to keep students motivated and Spellodrome’s new certificate system is sure to encourage super spelling results. Earn 1000 points in a week to earn a Star Certificate. Accumulate 5 Star Certificates and students will receive the coveted Galaxy Certificate.

Don’t have Spellodrome at your school?