If you are looking for a reliable GPS system you have come to the right place! No, not a Global Positioning System. You won’t find any programmed destination points, live traffic information or automatic re-routing here!

We’re talking about a trusted Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling System that is sure to point your students in the right direction. We’re talking about Spellodrome!

Spellodrome is a digital resource that helps children to develop their spelling, writing and communication skills, to support them in the ‘GPS’ elements of your national curriculum.


Spellodrome is packed full of thousands of pages of printable worksheets and workbooks (all tailored to the spelling programs within Spellodrome), enabling wider exploration of areas such as grammar, comprehension and language.


Students often struggle with English punctuation principles. The correct use of capital letters, full stops, question marks, speech marks and commas – all of which are frequently confused. Spellodrome’s workbooks are a great way to familiarise students with punctuation conventions.


With Spellodrome, teachers are able to tailor spelling lists by creating their own from a bank of over 10,000 words covering all major International English dialects. This means your students can focus only on words that you wish to target – a perfect way to engage your students in their weekly spelling list.

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