Michelle Birke, Year 6 teacher, Mona Vale Public School


Our education experts have spent years chatting to schools about their literacy needs and how they use Spellodrome to save time and enhance their classroom practices. We chatted to Michelle Birke, a Year 6 teacher at Mona Vale Public School, to see how they make the most of the resources Spellodrome has to offer.

Parts of Spellodrome Mona Vale Public School teachers find most useful…

Spellodrome’s worksheets were picked as one of the most useful resources within the program. The worksheets form part of a weekly routine in Michelle Birke’s Year 6 classroom and save her a lot of preparation time.

Students will sit the pre-test on a Monday and use the correctly spelt words on the worksheets as a guide to mark their own tests. They then work through the sheets independently in class and for homework, paying special attention to the words they spelt incorrectly in the pre-test.

mac_desktop_side_spelloFun, whole school Spellodrome events at Mona Vale Public School…

As a whole school, Mona Vale Public have implemented a Spellodrome reward system. They have Spellodrome ‘Wordsmith of the Week’ trophies, that are presented to a class and an individual student each week, determined by Spellodrome participation. The trophy is presented each week at assembly and the winners also appear in the school newsletter for that week. The winning class can proudly display the trophy in their classroom for the week and the individual student winner can keep the trophy on their desk. The students absolutely love it and we hear that Year 6 is particularly competitive!

The difference Spellodrome has made to teaching at Mona Vale Public School…

With six months of use under their belt, teachers at Mona Vale Public have certainly had time to experience the many benefits of Spellodrome as a literacy resource.

The biggest difference it has made to their teaching practices is the fact that IMG_6236the program fosters a blended learning approach. Students at Mona Vale still enjoy putting pen to paper and with Spellodrome, they can have the best of both worlds with printed worksheets and the incredibly engaging online learning environment. Teachers like Michelle also enjoy using Spellodrome as a homework resource, 24/7 access means those students who love learning can exercise their brain anytime they like.

Parts of Spellodrome that students at Mona Vale Public School find most engaging…

The students at Mona Vale Public really enjoy the Wordlist and Bonus Games such as Find-a-word, Crossword and Words in Pieces. Any activity that will help them earn points towards their weekly total and earn the coveted Spellodrome trophy, they really are a competitive bunch!

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