Welcome to the spectacular spelling world of Spellodrome. To help get you and your classroom started, we thought some helpful teacher tips would be a great way to introduce the program to your class.

Helpful Suggestions

Provide student goals when using Spellodrome, such as 1000 points per week

Setting goals for students is a means to bring out student drive. Challenge your students to a goal and build a class-wide drive to see who can achieve it. This will encourage learning but in a fun communal manner. To help build incentive, students who earn 1000 points will also receive a Star Award with four Star Awards earning students a Galaxy Award.

Practice words 3 times each in My Word List

The old saying is practice makes perfect and when it comes to spelling this is no exception. Build students muscle memory by encouraging repetition of words in their Word Lists. Live Spellodrome will also help build this memory as the rapid barrage of words will help build quick spelling reflexes.

Aim for Master and Championship Spelling levels in Live Spellodrome

Let your students set a standard to work towards. By establishing a spelling level to work towards, students will use this standard as a point of measurement as they go from activity to activity.

Complete My Word List Games before moving onto Bonus Games

Establish that the bonus games are in fact an activity that is a bonus to their spelling activities. Students will make the connection that Bonus Games is a rewarding activity and this sense of achievement will set a standard of well-rounded spellers as they seek to complete Word List activities to earn that Bonus Game reward.

Spellodrome certificates are easily downloadable and printable

Use the resources Spellodrome has to offer to instil your students’ achievements and build value to their efforts by showing them their actions are achieving results. Here is a list of reward activities that you can do to build morale and student drive.

-Present Star and Galaxy Certificates during assembly

-Have a Speller of the Week

-Award a Spellodrome Class of the Term/Year

-Report to parents on usage and results

Lear more with Spellodrome and training support

Every student learns differently – and that is also true of teachers!

Spellodrome offers a range of training media from easy to follow PDF guides to more advanced webinars. Take a look at



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