Learning how to spell can be a frustrating experience for students. Spellodrome combines an engaging interface with fun learning activities in an online platform to develop motivated and reflective learners. The expansive bank of diagnostic reports and teaching resources are specifically designed to give educators the time and tools to teach in their own way.

There are many ways teachers can use Spellodrome in the classroom. The team at Spellodrome have put together some handy tips for teachers, these include:

Using Spellodrome Online with the Placement Test and the Spelling Worksheets

  1. Have the students sit the placement test and record their levels.
  2. Set up groups within your class for the various levels reached. (Hint: We would recommend three groups. One for the students on Levels 1-3, the second group for Levels 4-6 and the third group for those on Levels 7-10)
  3. Each group should then be assigned the matching Spelling Worksheets Word Lists. (Hint: For the first group, amend the lists by removing the bottom twenty or so words, the second group will also need their list amended by removing the bottom half of the words and the top group should be able to have the majority of words, with perhaps the amendment of three words being removed).
  4. As students show high achievement in one group, you can then move them up into the next group. Alternatively, if the whole group is succeeding, the number of words could be increased again.


Using Spellodrome Online with the Diagnostic Test

  1. Have the students complete the diagnostic test to identify any areas of weakness.
  2. You can now set appropriate lists for the group. (Hint: As an example, for students struggling with prefix and suffix types of words, find these words in the Word List area of your Spellodrome Teacher Console and create a special program using these words. Words can be searched for by Level, Topic and Category).

Hint: This would be most useful for support teachers or for use with a lower and smaller group of students who are struggling with spelling.


Using Spellodrome Online with the Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test

  1. At the beginning of the school year, have the students complete the Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test, which you can find as a download in your Teacher Console. This is also available in the Assessments area, which tabulates the results for the teachers.
  2. Set the students on the default course for their year group, using both the online component and/or the corresponding Spelling Workbooks. (Hint: Students whose results in the test show they perform well above or below their chronological age could be set a default course according to these results, either above or below their current school year. Alternatively, you could edit the default course accordingly by adding or removing groups of words).
  3. Have the students sit the test in the last week of the school year to determine progress


Using Spellodrome Online using default courses without testing

  1. Set the default course for the online component.
  2. Concurrently, work on the matching unit in the Instant Worksheets each week. (The worksheets can be matched by the rule that is being followed in both (eg. homophones in the Word List and homophones in the Instant Worksheets at the same grade level).
  3. If you would prefer to simply work solely with Spellodrome online, the default courses are written in conjunction with National Curriculum Guidelines, so a student can use the online component only.