Would you purchase from a business whose signage was riddled with spelling mistakes?

Would you hire a job applicant who had multiple spelling errors in their resume’?

I assume your answer to both those questions is “no”.

As computers, laptops, tablets and phones continue to play a crucial part in every day life, our contact with traditional methods of communication, such as pen and paper, is on a steady decline. This means we don’t have to think about spelling as much and we rely heavily on spell-checkers and auto-corrects.

But….. imagine a world where people could not fill out forms, write notes, letters or even emails without them being peppered with spelling mistakes. We do still fill out important forms with a pen or pencil and even with spell-checkers, you need to recognise the right word to use from the possibilities presented.

Many of us take for granted the role spelling plays in daily life. It is an essential life skill that requires steady development from an early age.

Secondary teachers often describe their challenges when dealing with a class of students who have varying levels of spelling competency. For those students that have a lower spelling competency level it is not too late.

At Spellodrome we recognise the need for spelling as an essential life skill. Our program is available to students of all ages and encourages independent learning and the development of critical spelling awareness.

Spellodrome provides a wide array of eBooks across Secondary subjects which are excellent for supplementary learning. Additionally, the Spellodrome Assessment feature offers a Complete Diagnostic Test Series, as well as an Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test, which provide useful, point-in-time information about students’ spelling abilities.

Spending just 10 minutes a day on Spellodrome is all it takes to see dramatic results in your students’ spelling abilities.

Don’t let spell-checkers and autocorrect take over control. Take spelling into your own hands.