Learning to spell can become a blur of letters, words and sounds for students as they adjust to literacy skills. It’s at this early stage of literacy that consuming knowledge anyway possible can become incredibly valuable in students’ abilities to comprehend spelling in a relatable and understandable fashion. Spelling games are great for students as they help build recognition and understanding through fun exercises.

Newspaper games

The first spelling game option is put out every morning before you even go to school. The morning newspaper provides you with spelling games like hangman, word searches and the trusty crossword puzzles. These activities are valuable as they get students to sit and process questioning sentences and then refer to their mental wordlists in order to find a relation. Games like these create a relaxed means for students to sit in thought and comprehend how words are both spelt and connected to questions set within crossword.

Board games

975146_ec0fd8f642_m 1Games like Scrabble and Boggle are great spelling entertainment platforms that encourage collective thought and development. Whether in teams or it’s every man for themselves, board games create an engaging platform for students to vocalise their spelling abilities in a more competitive spectrum. These games let individuals build their spelling, word and comprehension abilities as words that are outside of your general knowledge are used to compete and must be learned and adapted in order to stay ahead of the game.

The online learner

Untitled-1 mvfugOnline gaming is usually deemed a mind-numbing activity, but online spelling platforms are providing educational entertainment that keeps students on their toes. Spellodrome, for instance, provides a heart racing spelling mode called Live Spellodrome. This mode is a live race against other students from either your class or across the world to out spell each other. Students can choose the Difficulty Level of their words, which are frantically thrown at rapid speed to test quick thinking, recognition and understanding. If you’re not the live competitor type, Spellodrome also has a range of fun Wordlist games. These games provide differentiated systems of practicing abilities. These games allow you to solve word mysteries with Mr. D. Tective one moment, then let you put spelling puzzles together the next. Online gaming like Live Spellodrome and Wordlist games create fun and new approaches to learning key spelling skills but using resources that are more modern and accessible to students of today.

The spelling bee

Untitled-1zFasdOut of all spelling activities, nothing is as classic as an old school spelling bee. No team work, no online assistance, no dice to roll, just you, a word and your ability to spell under pressure. The ultimate test of focus and mental stamina, spelling bees are an educational spelling spectator sport that when done right, can become more entertaining than any soccer match or cartoon show.

Variety is the spice of life. Take these many spelling game activities as an expansive educational weapon to keep students invested in their spelling development.