The School that CAN!

Students at Hovingham Primary School, Mathletics Centre of Excellence had a special presentation assembly on Thursday to celebrate the success of 3 pupils gaining their fourth Mathletics Gold Award Certificate and 11 more of their pupils achieving their third Gold Award Certificate.

A Mathletics Gold Award Certificate is an impressive attainment and takes over 20 weeks of sustained effort to achieve.  Hovingham’s focus is all about achievement and self-confidence. Have a look at the photos below which speak for themselves:

Hovingham Students celebrate their success!

Our regional manager in the North East of England, Deane Tomlin visited the school and said:

It was a truly inspiring event that really captured the enthusiasm and the can do attitude that the school is trying to promote.  As you walk through the door you are bombarded with positivity!  Children have their future goals hanging from the ceiling written on coloured clouds,  pictures of famous religious and political leaders adorn the walls and the hall is filled with buzz words like positive attitude, 100%, and believe!

Jane Fisher, the host of the celebration, reinforces all these positive messages by recognising every achievement, large or small, and makes sure that everybody knows about it!  Every year group that stood up to receive their award (handed out by the Leeds United mascot, Lucas the Kop Kat!) had a congratulatory song sung to them by the whole school.  Every other song that was sung contained some message about building bridges, achieving dreams, breaking down barriers and believing in yourself.  We even had a short video on the 8 reasons why Leeds United WILL be great again!  This was then related back to why the community of Hovingham and the students are great and will continue to be great because they possess these qualities.

I am local to that area and I know the challenges that schools around there face.  98% of the Hovingham student population has English as their second language, there are massive cultural difference that Jane and her colleagues are trying to break through and reach a consensus with the parents on the education of their children.  Bringing parents along to an event like contributes massively to breaking down these barriers and every single parent at the celebration looked on proudly as their children received an award, many being moved to tears (along with Janet the Head Teacher who told me she cries every time).

Being at this event and seeing the way they use Mathletics as the medium to encourage achievement within their school makes me very proud to be working for a company that can and does make a difference.  Not only to Maths ability but in helping break down cultural and social barriers by giving everyone the opportunity to be realise their potential and achieve more, whatever level they are at or wherever they are from.  Maths is a universal language that everyone has the ability to understand and as Hovingham has shown it also has the power to bring people together, that is definitely something worth celebrating!”

What a great morning!  The Leeds United mascot, Lucas the Kop Cat, can be seen below posing with students!

The quadruple Gold award winning Students with Leeds United Mascot, Lucas the Kop Cat

Deane Tomlin from Mathletics with Hovingham students and Lucas!

Congratulations and keep up the brilliant work Hovingham!