As you many know, the team behind this year’s Middle East Maths Challenge are the same group of wonderful people that also host the world recording break annual event World Maths Day.

We are really pleased to announce that the winning student from this year’s Middle East Maths Challenge will be selected as the Ambassador student to represent the Middle East region for the 2011 World Maths Day event. This is a huge honour as only a small handful of students are selected from around the world to become an ambassador each year.

World Maths Day is the single largest educational event of its kind, with millions of students from right around the world competing together. Check out the Ambassador tab on the World Maths Day website to find out more out what this year’s ambassadors did as part of their role (and all the cool things they got to do!)

So, who will end up in the No.1 spot on the Hall of Fame when the challenge ends on Sunday? Who will be the Middle East’s Ambassador for World Maths Day 2011? If you’d like it to be you, you know what to do!