Known for her message of ‘Big ideas’ and ground-breaking research into questioning strategies in mathematics, Dr. Marian Small is bringing her world renowned critical and creative thinking workshop to New Zealand for the first time this August.

Dr. Small’s Building Critical and Creative Thinkers in Mathematics in Year 1 – Year 10 workshop explores ways in which teachers can encourage and foster creative and critical thinking within a mathematics setting.  The all-day workshop provides teachers with the opportunity to explore tasks drawn from Year levels 1 to 10, as well as create exercises that can be taken back to the classroom.



Date: 03/08/2015

Venue: Ellerslie Event Centre

The Workshop:

Building Critical and Creative Thinkers in Mathematics in Year 1 – Year 10

Learning mathematics is not just about getting answers to problems. It is an environment in which critical thinking and creative thinking can be developed. The hands-on workshop will explore opportunities to encourage these sorts of thinking regularly in mathematics classes.

Critical thinking focuses on considering options and using criteria to assess reasonableness of each option. This is important learning for students in all disciplines, including mathematics. We will consider a variety of problems at a variety of levels that lend themselves to creating such options and criteria.

For example, we might show a graph with no labels or titles and ask for reasonable titles and labels given the shape of the graph. Or we might ask students which number in a set of numbers does not belong and why, particularly when there are several reasonable alternatives.

Creative thinking focuses on fluency, novelty and flexibility. We will explore opportunities to encourage these habits.

For example, we might ask students for an unexpected way to continue the pattern that begins 1, 2, 5, … while maintaining it as a pattern.  Or we might ask students to create a set of mixed numbers that have something in common and ask whether their improper fraction equivalents also have something in common.

Participants will have an opportunity to explore tasks drawn from all levels, Year 1 through to Year  10, as well as create them.

Cost (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) : 

  • $250 for 3P Learning Customers
  • $295 for non-3P Learning Customers

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About Dr. Marian Small

A regular speaker on mathematics throughout Canada, the US and Australia, Dr Small is hosting just one workshop on her first visit to New Zealand.   “I am delighted to have a chance to share my work on the other side of the world. I believe that the pedagogical approaches in Canada and New Zealand are very similar.”

Having worked on over 100 text books and professional books, Dr. Small is currently involved in numerous coaching initiatives, co-planning and co-teaching lessons with teachers across North America with a focus on supporting struggling learners, differentiating instruction, and on teacher questioning in mathematics classrooms.

The all-day workshop, to be held at the Ellerslie Event Centre on the 3rd of August, is open to all New Zealand teachers.  For further information regarding the workshop contact 3P Learning on 0800 375 327 or

3P Learning NZ

3P Learning is the award winning eLearning company whose numeracy and literacy programs are used by over 4 million students around the world.  Dr. Small’s visit to NZ is the first time that 3P Learning’s  ‘Love Learning’ series has made it to our shores.