Simple activities to build your young child’s writing skills

Celebrate writing.
Homemade stories, books and letters make great gifts for friends and family. Encourage children to write and illustrate a picture book for a grandparents birthday or to write ‘thank you’ cards and notes to show their appreciation.

Make writing fun and rewarding.
Encourage kids to write out grocery lists, family recipes or invitations to birthdays and family events to familiarise them with tricky words, improve their punctuation and learn basic writing processes. Postcards and holiday journals can also be a great way to keep  kids in the habit of  writing when they’re on holidays.

Encourage activities that require reading.
There are so many fantastic activities kids love that encourage kids to read. Things like reading the recipe when cooking or the instruction for constructing a kite or one of our fun science experiments or identifying different types of birds or wildlife on a local bush walk online or in a reference book.

Discuss ideas.
Its extremely helpful for kids to discuss their ideas before they sit down to write something. This can be as simple as looking over the format of invitations before they create their own birthday invites or talking about their ideas for an school project. Talking through and visualising ideas, can help them to develop ideas about how and what they want to convey.  When kids ask for help with spelling, punctuation, and usage, supply the help they need. Show compassion to what they’re struggling with and share hints and  tricks you use to remember rules or print out our free Spellodrome punctuation and grammar posters.

Encourage kids to plan.
If your child is finding it hard to get started writing their story or project, try helping them to writing a plan of what they are going to talk about. This helps to to give them an idea of what and how they are going to answer the question.

Parents play an important role in their child’s education, for more helpful information and tips have a look at our Parents as partners page