Sherrier Primary School in Lutterworth recently started using Mathletics and have got off to a great start!

To make sure pupils keep up the good work, their Maths Leader, Miss Coull, is running an exciting weekly competition to reward the class who earns the most certificates in a week!

It’s day 2 and the competition is already fierce with several classes fighting for the top spot.

Class 4CC are in the lead but there are several classes snapping at their heels! Miss Coull is keeping the school updated via the twitter feed and we’re keeping a close eye on things here at Mathletics HQ. Will any of the classes earn the double honour of winning the school competition and also appearing on the Mathletics Classes Hall of Fame? We can’t wait to find out!

Did you know that when you get 5 bronze certificates this becomes a silver and your fourth silver certificate becomes a gold? This means that you could earn your gold certificate in 20 weeks! Don’t forget you only need 1,000 points to earn a certificate and can only earn one per week between Monday and Sunday. How many points until you earn yours?