Now iSharon Choi_Middlemount_2015 Staff Photon her third year of teaching as an Early Years teacher, Sharon Choi delights in teaching this very special stage; when students connect the dots on how to read, solve problems and create friendships.  Her school Middlemount Community School is approximately 270km north west from Rockhampton in QLD.  It’s a small strong community and for Sharon it is critical to maximise the relationship between school and home.  She does this by tapping into the wonderful parent community, particularly because her students are young and still building their independence.

One of her first steps is to organise an information session for parents on Mathletics and how she implements it in the classroom to improve mathematical knowledge and engage students who are struggling with maths.  Because Mathletics is part of the school’s homework policy, students are required to revise what they have learnt at home and parents have an appreciation of their role in supporting their child.

As part of her daily morning routine Sharon shows her entire class their Mathletics progress, points and how many minutes they have spent online, taking advantage of her student’s natural desire to compete for higher points and beating their personal best.  Following her maths lessons, Sharon shows students Mathletics tasks that revise that lesson, often going through a couple of questions together with students. When the task is then set as homework, she finds that her students can confidently and independently complete the activities.

Also important is the classroom recognition students receive with regular issuing of Bronze certificates by earning over 1000 points each week and Silver and Gold certificates are presented in their school assembly.  Sharon sees her role as an educator to provide engaging learning opportunities for life-long learning.  As a  Lead Educator she is certainly leading the way.

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