At 3P Learning our focus is on each and every individual learner. Behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on to improve the learning experience for our students and we would like to take the time to share what we have in store for 2016.

New and improved interface

  • new contemporary design for Years 7-10

  • simple and intuitive navigation

  • quickly find all content by topic

Content and course development

  • 100s of new videos

  • new assessment items

  • new style activities

Our partnerships with Learnosity and Desmos mean teachers and learners have access to cutting-edge tools for learning mathematics.

New question types include:

  • multi-part questions

  • image mark-up

  • extended-response questions

  • cloze text

  • order a list

New answer styles include:

  • handwriting input

  • algebraic expression input

  • text input

  • spoken response input

  • drawing graphs

Algebraic expression input

Alternate equivalent responses are also acceptable

Drawing points, lines and curves on the Cartesian plane

Drawing statistical graphs

Desmos in Mathletics will allow users to:

  • investigate features of graphs of linear and non-linear relationships

  • model practical situations on the Cartesian plane

  • plot and investigate trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions

  • plot scatter graphs and lines of best fit

  • use the integrated scientific and graphing calculator