Participation for the Online Pre-Round for SEAMC 2016, once again proudly provided on the Live Mathletics Platform by 3P Learning, was at an all-time high this year. It was truly fantastic to see students going online and connecting up with fellow SEAMC attendees for spirited 60 second challenges against each other prior to coming together in Kuala Lumpur. The battle to answer more arithmetic questions correctly than their opponent on topics such as those below gave all teachers and students a great taste of what is in store later this week in Malaysia.

  • Algebraic substitution
  • Factoring
  • Order operation
  • Expanding brackets
  • Find the midpoint between two points
  • Pythagorean triads
  • The Cartesian Plane
  • Chance outcomes
  • Simplifying algebra
  • Scientific notation

The fact that many students managed to answer 45 questions in a minute on these topics is a measure of the caliber of the students who attend SEAMC.

It is clear that many intense “battles” of knowledge and quick calculation took place over the 2 weekends of the Pre-Round and we feel confident that this has proved to be a fantastic lead up to the face to face activities that make up the SEAMC event starting later this week.

All competitions have winners and all of us at 3P Learning would like to pay tribute to the teams from Bunda Mulia International School in Jakarta. These teams and their fantastically supportive teacher in Mr Roy Lo always participate fiercely in the pre-round. This year the two teams were so dominant that the event turned into a challenge between which of the 2 teams, Putih and Merah, would take out the prize. In the end, it was the superior high score of team Merah that enabled them to claim the prize of overall winners of the pre-round.

Congratulations to all teams and we look forward to a great SEAMC 2016 in Kuala Lumpur this weekend where 3P Learning will be on hand to present the prizes to Team Merah at the Saturday evening awards ceremony.