The SEAMC Mathletics Online Pre-Round is on again in 2016!

Mathletics is once again proud to support SEAMC by conducting an online pre-round the weekends of February 12-14 and February 19-21 (Weekends are used to prevent disruption to studies amongst students already giving up time for SEAMC.)

The SEAMC Students have all been entered on the Mathletics platform as students of a Kuala Lumpur based “school” called SEAMC 2016. Each Team has been set up as its own “class”. This effectively allows us to determine the Top School based on the points earned by this “class”.

Students will be able to engage in 60 second rounds against other SEAMC 2016 students by selecting the “School Challenge” option for the level available to them.

This will mean that you will be challenging against other SEAMC students when they are online as indicated by the numbers under the school icon. We have appended a short acronym to identify your school following your first name, so you should be able to identify which SEAMC 2016 School you are engaging in an online challenge with.

In a small change to previous years, SEAMC 2016 students will be engaging only on a single level – LEVEL 8. Levels 8-10 will all be open to students but only rounds on LEVEL 8 will be counted towards the SEAMC Pre-Round competition.

Level 8 in Live Mathletics includes questions randomly selected from the following areas…

  • Statistical measures
  • Simplifying algebra
  • Algebraic substitution
  • Order of operations
  • Terms in a sequence with decimals
  • Area and volume conversions
  • Factoring
  • Volume of rectangular prisms
  • Area of plane shapes
  • Recurring decimals

The winning team will be determined by a combination of highest score, accuracy and number correct on LEVEL 8 so the winning team will be the one who engages a lot on the site and knows their Mathematics!

Students can engage individually from home or come together to support each other.

Good Luck!

Paul McMahon
3P Learning Regional Manager – Asia