Science is Electric is the dramatic expansion of the IntoScience universe which introduces a new electrical circuits topic, exciting environments to explore and challenging quests to conquer.

Recharge your students’ love of learning with 8 new activities introducing electricity, circuits and schematics. Using IntoScience’s new hands-on circuit tool-kit, students can actively explore key concepts by designing circuits, drawing schematics and playing with electrical components. Through scaffolded activities that adapt to the student’s achievement they will discover the relevance of Ohm’s Law, the danger of short circuits and the differences between series and parallel circuits.

With this new knowledge, students can uncover the Biodome’s monorail station in an exciting new quest. The monorail is a new environment filled with 15 new challenging puzzles that require students to repair damaged circuits, collect components and solve schematics to rejuvenate the abandoned environment and get the monorail running once more.

These electrifying additions to IntoScience are accompanied with additional features including redesigned results and reporting to help make marking easier, an improved Jenolan caves journal to help guide students along their inquiry-based journey, and new controls for video and graphics quality.

Take a look at IntoScience’s newest features in the video below: