As a student, the first day of school can feel like a period of doubt and fear. The idea of starting from the very beginning and entering into the unknown can take a toll on a student’s confidence and ability to learn. What most students don’t take into consideration is that while they are at school to educate themselves, their learning journey involves many people all wanting to see them grow. Students can find different kinds of support in different people, knowing who to turn to for help can make those first days of school a walk in the park.


Your parents are the first and most obvious place of support. Your parents’ goal in life is to raise you into a smart and happy person. They’ve been a source of comfort and reliance for you all your life and will prioritise your wellbeing with actions that you may or may not like. Furthermore they have the experience and understanding of you as a person to give you direction and advice that would be in your best interest. When going back to school, your parents will make sure everything is ready for your first day. Speak with them about supplies, homework plans and anything else you feel you’ll need to be ready; they will happily work with you to ensure you’re as prepared as possible. This parent preparation also goes beyond lunch and uniform washing. Your parents want to ensure you’re in the right head space to return to school. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and concerns for the coming year with your parents, as they will take steps to work with you in easing your concern. Whether by parent teacher meeting, helping plan your day, helping you study or even making your favourite food. Your parents know you best and will use this knowledge to give you the best opportunity to learn.


While teachers aren’t often viewed as a student’s best friend, they are a valuable companion in developing you into a prepared and knowledgeable student. Being open and engaging with your teacher can help you in your first day struggles because it will let your teacher know more about you from an education and personality stand point. A teacher will know your strengths and weaknesses and know the best methods to get the most out of you. A teacher may see your drive to learn and provide extra work to challenge you, or a teacher may see you’re struggling in areas and offer one-on-one time or recommend a tutor. Creating an educational relationship with your teacher shows you’re willing to learn and they in return will take extra care with your educational needs.


School friends are the most versatile means of support you can have. Friends can support you like a parent in providing a means of comfort and security, they can also support you like a teacher and be a study buddy. The one differentiating factor that makes friends a great channel for support is that they are in the same position as you. The same way you find comfort in your friends, they get the same comfort from you. This connection can ground you and let you know you aren’t alone in your back to school worries.

School isn’t a journey best taken alone. Knowing who to turn to and when can provide the support you need to get you over the first day hump.