Welcome back to another fun-filled school year! During the summer we were hard at work developing some exciting updates to make your journey through Mathletics more enriching and seamless. Check out what’s new and exciting!

Desmos Graphing Calculatorpowered by desmos

Mathletics and Desmos have a common goal – delivering a world of universal mathematical literacy with a focus on learning through action and exploration. Thus, a partnership was natural. Mathletics has joined forces with Desmos to bring a groundbreaking new interactive graphing calculator right into the secondary student console! Students and teachers are now able to:

  • solve linear, quadratic and polynomial functions in an instant
  • quickly check their written solutions to equations
  • find points of intersection of functions as they are drawn
  • and so much more!

Want to find out more? Watch this tutorial or download the Quick Start Guide to find out how to integrate the Desmos calculator into your next lesson.

Office365 Single Sign On (SSO)single sign on

Are you all-too-familiar with the struggle of remembering a pesky password? Having to reset your account because you couldn’t remember which letter to capitalize? As part of our partnership with Microsoft Mathletics is now integrated with Office365, meaning that once you follow a few easy steps you’ll never have to remember your password again. All students and teachers with an Office365 account can now link their Mathletics account to it and access the resource without the need for a Mathletics username or password.

Read these five simple steps on how to link your Mathletics and Office365 accounts; you’ll never have to worry about a Mathletics password again!

New Activities

You asked, we listened! Various new provincially-aligned activities have been added to enrich your students’ learning experience. To see which topics have been padded with more content, simply select a course in your teacher console and look for the green numbered button next to a topic. The number indicates how many new activities have been added. Happy learning!

new courses


Fluency Centre

Fluency is defined by the ability to recall and apply basic math facts without hesitation, and is a critical component of mathematical understanding and proficiency. To develop fluency, students need experience in practising concepts and building on familiar procedures in order to create their own strategies. Mathletics is proud to introduce the Fluency Centre – a brand new course aiming to develop and improve upon mathematical fluency. A great idea would be starting the school year by assigning the Are You Ready? test in order to determine areas that were prone to summer loss. Assign the entire course or just a few strands to complement the areas where students need practice – this is great preparation for the school year ahead. Check out the Fluency Centre and let us know what you think!

Fluency Centre

Fractions Clinic

Learning the various rules associated with fractions can be a frustrating, seemingly impossible task for many students. The solution? A dedicated fractions course jam-packed with exercises that will transform students into fraction fans. Assign activities ranging from partitioning into shares to converting into decimals depending on each student’s needs. Visit the Fractions Clinic today to get your dose!

Which one of these tools are you most excited to implement? Have you tried any of them yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comment section below!