Amy Backas and the students at Morang South Primary School are challenging themselves to higher mathematical improvement using Mathletics to help engage and reward their students’ progression. The school has found their years P to 6 students have come out the gates running with Mathletics as they are proactively seeking to learn to the best of their abilities. Mathletics’ accessibility has proven favourable in providing a dynamic resource to boost and bolster classroom learning.

“Mathletics is consistently used by staff within the classroom and we are hoping this will encourage students to continue their Mathletics use at home.”

Amy Backas, Leading Teacher, Morang South Primary School

Building a class dynamic, Morang South Primary school has taken great initiative to keep the maths class fresh and exciting for students. Teachers at Morang South Primary school seek to build a rewarding learning space for students in order to motivate and acknowledge student development. One of the ways they have done so is by presenting their Mathlete of the week certificate in their school assemblies every Monday.

“This (Mathlete of the week) was presented at an assembly so the entire school community could celebrate these achievements.”

Amy Backas, Leading Teacher, Morang South Primary School

Creating a positive and comfortable learning environment is the name of the game, and Morang South Primary school is using Mathletics as a valued tool win and win big with their students.

The team at Mathletics would like to formally congratulate Morang South Primary Schools Mathlete of the Week Fatima. From what we have heard, it is clear that Fatima truly is a Super Mathlete!

Over 500 Students at Morang South Primary School are now accessing Mathletics daily in a bid to be the best Mathlete they can possibly be. We hope that both teachers and students alike can exploit all that Mathletics has to offer as a schooling resource to continue to get such great results from students like Fatima and many more at Morang South Primary school.