Exhausted parentNobody will be more aware of this “whew” than those with a house-load of energetic, excitable and restless kids.

Add rain, cold weather, siblings, together with the inevitable colds and flu and it can be a recipe for disaster that will get you agreeing to ANYTHING (literally) for a few minutes of quiet.

Before you:

  • reluctantly agree to an emotional Woolworths shopping trip for that elusive animal card,
  • fork out for another set of Spongebob Squarepants movie tickets,
  • strategically “misplace” an Xbox cable
  • or download (yet another) paid iPad app that’ll only be fun for an hour …

We can help you!

Some of you may have received a fright when you read your kids’ end of term reports.  Overall mastery of maths, literacy and reading subjects is rare, with many students needing extra attention on certain topics to improve their understanding (and enjoyment of the subject, in majority of cases!)  School holidays are an ideal time for this extra attention and focus to take place, although many time poor families may find it hard to juggle with family life.  It’s also hard to find a balance between holiday academic improvement and retaining your child’s interest and passion to learn.

We love learning here at 3P.  Nothing makes us happier and more proud than to hear how our online learning products have sparked a genuine and passionate interest in students who were previously disengaged.  It’s this interest paired with improved capability that drives sustained achievement throughout the school year.

Our programs mean that maths, science, spelling and grammar interactive education are at your child’s fingertips.  All fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum, your child can explore year appropriate topics at their own pace.

The Parent Reporting feature tracks progress and activity.  Engaging challenges and achievement certificates appeal to the reward/competition driver for many students, meaning that it’s a win win for the entire family.  Just this morning, we received the below through our social media networks from a father, keen to instigate some holiday morning Mathletics sessions for his son:


But don’t just take our word for it… try them out for yourselves using our FREE trials!

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