Sarah WarnerSarah Warner is in her first year as the teaching Principal of the small rural and remote school, Birdsville SS not far from the border between Queensland and South Australia.  Birdsville is a place described as “energising place bordered by the beautiful deserts and channel country”  She teaches students from Kindy to Year 6, having been in teaching for 5 years.

Sarah is passionate about Maths, finding its logical flow appealing.  “You are able to start from base level and extend as far as each student needs. Math is also able to be taught in a variety of ways so then you are able to engage each student by their way of learning.”

When integrating her numeracy resources, Sarah uses Mathletics as a starting tool for each year level, to assess her students’ capabilities.  School numeracy goals are supported with a clear strategy to plan, map, monitor and report progress of all students, over a 5 week cycle to show students’ growth.  This data is then used to inform her planning, whereupon she adjusts students according to their learning level, to either extend or support individuals. Sarah further supports her community by ensuring each student has Data Booklet to show case to parents and keep staff engaging students within learning.


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