Anna-A1 - cropAnna A, the 2015 WEG ambassador for Russia has written a report about the importance of events such as World Education Games in Russia and her efforts to engage her local community to encourage them to unite in a love of learning for #WEG2015.
Fantastic work Anna!

Russia and WEG2015

Russia is truly unique country. It occupies the largest area on earth, yet, in a away, it’s as if disconnected from the rest of the world. From world political asynchrony to decades of mutually imposed isolation, Russia is struggling to catchup, and the English language is just one of the ensuing victims.

For very long time English had never been taught in schools, and when it finally trickled-in, the ones who embraced it became outcasts. As a result, adults, and the eldest, hardly speak or understand any English at all!
Of course things are changing slowly-by-slowly and English is becoming the standard foreign language that is taught in schools now, but even so, Russia continues to lack native English speakers, experienced teachers or even modest English language educational programs. Sigh.

Communications, emails, social media and the like are all dependent more on English than less. Therefore Russia’s connection with the rest of the world is, not surprisingly, quite lagging.
It’s almost painfully hilarious when someone asks you if you have an email!

The young generation, though mostly unguided, is obviously looking for a better picture, and the World Education Games can certainly be part of that picture even if delivering it is much easier said than done.

Nonetheless, The World Education Games is unassumingly providing Russia with such an exciting, and much-needed, challenge that can help Russia slowly overcome its self-created hinder.


I believe, that in my capacity as the official Ambassador of the World Education Games, I became able to make some beautiful impact, however small it is, on true progress in Russia.

My enthusiasm for the World Education Games started long ago and I had become your unknown volunteer that you have never met before or even knew!
Now however, in my new capacity as your official ambassador, I am able to do even more good. Much more.

First – I started by spending my allowance on printing 100 beautiful glossy posters promoting the World Education Games with superimposed, on the right upper corner, a Russian brief translation with a link where I can help applicants with registrations, answer their questions and sprinkle words of encouragement!

Second – I enlightened my school headmaster, teachers and of course my classmates and schoolmates on the upcoming World Education Games events.

Third – I have placed posters on each floor of our school and the on the school’s main entrance.

Fourth – I met with my school headmaster and made a presentation of the World Education Games. I am now awaiting the date, tentatively October 8, when I will present on stage the World Education Games to my 500 or so schoolmates.

Fifth – I am going from class to class where I give quick presentations and answer questions.

Sixth – I have recruited friends from other schools whom I supplied with posters to place in their respective schools after getting permission from their administrations.

Seventh – I have emailed the World Education Games poster to all corners of Russia.

Eighth – This is probably the biggest one. I have successfully, with major help, compiled a list of the email addresses of ALL SCHOOLS in Moscow (1466 schools) and St. Petersburg (627 schools), and I have emailed the World Education Games poster to each and all those 2,093 schools!

Ninth – I am energizing everyone to see the World Education Games as a Personal, Humanitarian and as a National achievement goal.

Click here to download Anna’s report.