Greetings from Russia!

Russia is getting warmed up for the World Education Games right before the first snowfall, and I am thrilled to be reporting all the way from Moscow on this Big Event!
Reaching out to school children in the world’s largest country is quite a challenge that I am dearly enjoying, thus to popularize the World Education Games, I have sent WEG Posters all the way to schools in Norilsk, the world’s coldest and northernmost city! Shortly thereafter with more posters all the way to Anadyr the easternmost, Baltiysk the westernmost and Derbent the southernmost, all in all making 7,236 miles trip! Must be another Guinness World Record!

Anna (far left) with her classmates

The World Education Games is succeeding in connecting millions of people from truly all over the world like never before, and Russia is excited to be part of it all.
Go team Russia!
Anna A.
The Official Ambassador of Russia