Here at 3P Learning we are hugely proud of all of our team. We think we have some of the greatest mathematicians, writers, publishers and programmers in the world! Of course, this also includes our brilliant visual graphics team – the creative guys and girls with their digital paintpots who make our resources look so great.

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A member of the graphics team based at our Sydney office, Gloria Torres, is an amazing graphic artist both at work and in her spare time –  she is also one of the driving forces behind the beautiful new Mathletics themes released recently.

Gloria was recently approached to take part in a major public art exhibition in Sydney, supported by the city’s Taronga Zoo, called Wild! Rhino. The project aims to raise awareness about the devastating impacts of rhino poaching. 125 life-size rhino sculptures, each individually painted by a selected artist, have today taken their place in key locations right across Sydney. The artworks will remain in place for Sydneysiders and tourists alike to view in a city-wide art trail, before each is auctioned off for charity at an auction in May.

Gloria Torres Wild! Rhino

Gloria’s rhino, “Fragility” (front), is winched into place in front of Sydney’s famous Manly Beach…

Gloria said “I am so pleased to have been able to take part in this project. It’s a very important issue to highlight. One rhino is killed every 11 hours by a poacher. I painted my rhino sculpture with bones under torn skin. The head, front legs and body feature sketches of other endangered wildlife including a tiger, sea turtle and whale. It portrays the fragile contrast of life and death. For this reason, I named him Fragility.”

We think Gloria’s rhino looks great and we’re really proud to see the talents of a member of our 3P family get recognised. Who knows? Maybe one day Fragility will make an appearance in Mathletics!

To find out more about the Wild! Rhino’s project, click here. You can also take a look at Gloria’s brilliant work here.