“My students have got high marks in every topic test they have done.  So why do they do poorly in exams or on the same topics the following year?”

As teachers we are often struggling to demonstrate student achievement across what is often a full-time, demanding curriculum.  Because of this we often get in the routine of teaching a topic and then testing it.  The content is fresh in students’ minds so they do well in immediate testing.  A topic or two later, perhaps with no direct links to prior work, student retention deteriorates.

An ongoing revision program is essential and it is very easy to do with Mathletics via Results in your Teacher Console

Assign half or more tasks from the topic currently being covered in class.  In this example students are currently working on Real Numbers – Decimals.

Assess 1

Assign the remainder of tasks from previous topics covered.  In this example, 2 of the 5 assigned activities are coming from Number and Place Value, a topic covered earlier in the year.

Start of the year and haven’t done any topics yet?  No problem.  “Something Easier” activities are usually from content from the previous year’s curriculum.

Assess 2

Remember all activities are generated randomly, so students can only benefit from repeating activities multiple times!  

Reports: Activity Summary Graph

Reports: Activity Summary Graph



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