Spello-Mac-250x278Tried the latest resources in Spellodrome yet?

If you haven’t logged on to Spellodrome recently, you might have missed the additional resources that we have packed in. The selection of new tools and resources range from engaging workbooks and worksheets to intuitive diagnostic testing and assessments. You can access all of these great features in Spellodrome right now. Here’s a quick glimpse into a few of these powerful resources.Workbooks

Did you know that Spellodrome gives you access to electronic worksheets, including revision sheets and assessments?

The Workbooks are a huge additional learning resource – ideal for both supplementary and core teaching.
They can be viewed online or printed/copied as much as required.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing
The Diagnostic Tests provide teachers with useful and targeted feedback as to which specific spelling rules need to be revised, through diagnosing individual areas of weakness. Through setting these tests, teachers can obtain valuable information.


Spellodrome allows teachers to set NAPLAN Practice Word Lists for students, with the option of tailoring the lists to suit the individual needs of students.

These word lists come with reporting capabilities, helping both students and teachers identify areas of weakness.


The Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test (ASSAT) provides teachers with a relative indication of each student’s ability through giving each student a spelling age compared with a norm referenced group of peers.


The Spellodrome Assessment feature offers a Complete Diagnostic Test Series, as well as an Australian Standardised Spelling Age Test which provide useful, point-in-time information about students’ spelling abilities.