Reading Eggspress has recently been completely overhauled from the ground up. As a teacher, you now have more ability to track and measure student growth and progress with powerful new reports. With class ranking, class progress, event completion and individual student progress, measuring and communicating results has never been easier. Simply click the Student Charts button under Reading Eggspress in your teacher console to eggsplore your brand new reporting hub.

Reading Eggspress Class Ranking Screen

The Class Ranking chart shows the relative performance of students in the class. The graph shows the level of the highest completed lesson of each student on their individual learning pathway.

A simple visual representation to draw your attention to students that need to be challenged or those who may need some extra help.

Reading Eggspress Class Progress Screen

The Class Progress chart shows the range of student progress in their lessons over the selected time period. Teachers can clearly see how students are performing in relation to grade level expectations and how they compare to their peers. This progress can be used to reward students who are trying hard and making progress or even to report results to parents at parent teacher interviews.

Reading Eggspress Events

The Events Chart shows the total number of completed events for each student in the class during the selected time period. Types of events reported are: Spelling Lessons, Comprehension Lessons, Completed Books and Chapter Quizzes. As a teacher, you can monitor the areas of the program students enjoy most, or even certain areas that an individual student is avoiding and might need some extra encouragement. Simply hover your mouse over one of the coloured bars to see the type of event and how many have been completed.

Reading Eggspress Student Progress

The Student Charts show the date of each completed event for a particular student during the selected time period. Teachers can clearly see how students are performing in relation to grade level expectations. This also shows specific books read, chapter quizzes completed and the Lexile level of each title and chapter read.

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