Mathletics benefiting teachers at St Patrick’s College

Blog St Patricks CollegeSt Patrick’s College is the largest Co-curricular 7-12 college in Tasmania with a student enrolment of 1456 students.  Rebecca Noordermeer has been Mathletics coordinator at St Patrick’s College since 2007. Her role requires her to oversee the successful ongoing access to Mathletics by staff and students. As a Lead Educator Rebecca is accountable for Professional Learning for 25 staff and the management of over 800 students’ profiles.

The Mathletics program at St Patrick’s College is an integral part of the teaching and learning of Mathematics from Years 7-10. The program is used to successfully differentiate the curriculum and link with the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards and as a supplementary support for Mathematics Methods students.

Teachers at St Patrick’s use the data collection and interpretation tools available within Mathletics to provide formative assessment and feedback to students and guardians. This has served to increase student engagement with the content and mastery of concepts covered.

Students at the College find the program accessible and appealing to their individual needs. Students have the ability to self-manage their learning and teachers are able to create courses and groupings in order to differentiate the curriculum in a student centric manner. Teachers have the ability to make data-driven decisions as they have access to students’ results.

Assessments within Mathletics are used to inform unit based assessments completed the traditional classroom setting. Guardians are encouraged to monitor their child’s achievements and participation via email.