The team at Mathletics are creating a series of brand new videos, showcasing how mathematics impacts our everyday lives. We’re calling them Real World Mathletics.

Mathematics has always been used to describe our world. Almost like a language, it helps us talk about quantity when we count things, or measurement when we talk about length, or width, or height. It can measure time itself, enable traffic flow and power our GPS navigation.  In fact, the technology we use every day relies almost completely on mathematics.

Once we understand the power of speaking and understanding the language of mathematics, we can use it for a great many things, like designing a new building or creating the latest computer game.

Three new videos are available now and are a great addition to the classroom, providing the perfect answer to that age-old question… “when will I ever use this mathematics?!” More will be released over time, so be sure to subscribe to the Mathletics YouTube channel.