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We know that teachers have a lot to do (and all before actually delivering a lesson!). Your time is as valuable as it is limited. This is why ABC Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Teacher Toolkit provides teachers with a multitude of resources to make your job a little easier.


A range of eye-catching printable posters that you can pin on your classroom wall are available to all Reading Eggs teachers. Give your classroom a bit of colour and help your students master the basics of grammar, punctuation, spelling and much more.


The ability to read text, analyse and understand its meaning is a vital skill. Help your students learn this skill with a variety of comprehension powerpoint lessons for Years 1-7. Alternatively, you could engage students visually with the targeting comprehension interactives, designed to be used as a whole-class activity on the IWB. Complete with teacher notes, the lessons allow you to spend less time lesson planning and more one-on-one time adding value to your students’ learning.

Writing & Handwriting

A key component of government standardised testing is the writing section where students are assessed on their persuasive and narrative writing skills. Interactives found in the Teacher Toolkit are a great way to go over the key concepts with your students and help them understand the text types. Hint: It looks even more spectacular on a projector!

Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar lessons are a breeze with over 100 ready-made Powerpoint lessons for various grammar and punctuation topics. From nouns to subordinate clauses, we have your class covered. All Reading Eggs Powerpoint lessons are editable. So if you want to use your own examples, or would prefer a concept explained in a different way, just edit the Powerpoint to add your own spin, simple!

Phonics and Spelling

An abundance of student worksheets suitable for students from Foundation to Year 7 reside in the Teacher Toolkit and Preview Lessons ready for you to use with your class. Additionally, for the younger students, alphabet activities are a great way to lay the foundations.