ABC Reading Eggs is more than just an amazing tool for building students’ essential reading and comprehension skills. The ever-expanding Reading Eggspress Library has now grown to over 2,000 titles covering a vast array of topics ranging from recycling to reptiles, the first fleet to foods of the world.

As well as being hugely entertaining and informative, many eBooks in the library are applicable to the Australian Curriculum content descriptions for Years 1 to 6. These eBooks are perfect to boost your resources within other subject areas, with coverage of history, people and society, geography, science, health and sport. You’ll definitely know where to send your students when they are researching for a project.

Accessibility for both students and teachers means there will be no more taking turns borrowing a book like at your local library.

To help teachers quickly find which eBooks from the Reading Eggspress Library match with the Australian Curriculum, we have produced an easy-to-follow guide. You can download it below.

Download Cross-Curricula Guide