Tenambit Public School

ABC Reading Eggs , the online reading, literacy and comprehension based program, has taken Tenambit Public School in NSW by storm! Assistant principal Sarah-Jane Hazell has shared her thoughts and experience upon implementing the program at their school.

How long have you and your students been using the program?

We have been using the program since the middle of term 1. Our school P&C association generously funded the program for 2013.

What difference have these resources made to your classroom teaching?

I recently invited feedback on how Reading Eggs is being used in the classroom by teachers, and they reported a range of applications. It is being used as a reading group activity, an individual support option, a whole class activity during computer time, and for optional homework activities. In addition many teachers are using the teaching resources for whole class lessons.

What part of the program captures your students’ engagement?

It’s impossible to name just one, they find all parts of the program engaging. Reading Eggs/Eggspress caters to the interests and learning styles of all students. Those who are competitive enjoy the games in the gym, those who enjoy reading a particular genre of books love exploring their interest in the library, those who are interested in a challenge love completing quests. Every single student enjoys setting up their apartment or house.

What difference have these programs/products made to your students and how they view their learning?

We have had many parents report that their children come home very excited about the work they have done on Reading Eggs that day, and are competing with their siblings to get straight on the computer to complete more activities. There is such a wonderful diversity of texts available in the library and this allows students to find something that caters to their interests. Students regularly ask to show me their favourite books or tasks.

Has there been a difference amongst your teachers in how they view teaching, since using the programs/products in their classes?

It has been of great assistance with differentiating learning, and teachers have seized on the opportunity to use Reading Eggs as a way to cater to the diverse range of needs in the classroom. Our Aboriginal worker takes a group of Indigenous students four days a week and works with them on the program, providing a boost to their literacy skills and engagement.

Please share any individual examples/stories of students whose lives have been positively impacted as a result of using these programs?  

One of our teachers is finding it particularly effective with an ESL student in year 5. There are many sounds and vocabulary items that need reinforcement, and she is able to work on the same program as other students but it is tailored to her individual need. She often participates in ‘partner reads’ in which another student will read the same text at the computer next to her and they will compare comments and answers. It has made a significant difference to her learning of English.

Any quotes from your students about what this resource means to them and how it has helped them? 

Haley from year 6 “It helps me visualise and it helps me improve my reading”. Josh from year 6 “It’s really fun and it not only helps reading, but spelling, vocabulary and writing”. Krystal from year 6 “Reading is more fun now, and I like my own little Avatar and her apartment”. Seth from kindergarten: “I love Reading Eggs because the books are so good”. Chloe from kindergarten: “I love it because it’s fun and I love making my letters”.

Please provide any information that you have, around overall improvement in your students’ results. 

In conjunction with a range of quality teaching practices, our school data collection has shown a 10% increase in reading and comprehension levels since the introduction of Reading Eggs.

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