The exciting, engaging and hugely popular Reading Eggspress Stadium has been revamped, and is better than ever! Students practice spelling, grammar and vocabulary fluency, building confidence in timed games. An extra level of competition has been added with students now able to compete against other students in their class, school, or around the world.

Students are automatically set to play at their year level, with two levels of difficulty at each year. Students play against their peers at the same year level – they can choose their class, their school or the world. Students can choose to play easy, on year level, or difficult, a stretch within their year level to earn bonus points.

There are four events – Spelling Sprint, Grammar Skating, Vocabulary Pursuit and Freestyle Usage. Log into Reading Eggspress now to try them out.

Spelling Sprint Vocabulary-Pursuit-Ipad

In this game students identify correct and incorrect spellings.  Being able to recognise correct spelling patterns improves reading skills and writing fluency.

Grammar Skating

Grammar knowledge helps students improve their oral language and writing skills. This game asks students to find words that match different grammar labels. Students will build their knowledge of parts of speech quickly in this fun and motivating game.

Vocabulary Pursuit

This game builds word knowledge and the ability to categorise words into groups. In grades 1 & 2, students are asked to find the words that rhyme. In grades 3-6, the game focuses onunderstanding synonyms and antonyms.  This challenging game uses higher-order thinking skills and will increase students’ word knowledge and vocabularies.

Freestyle Usage

Usage focuses on language use at a sentence level. To determine the correct answer, students must combine their knowledge of spelling, punctuation, contractions, subject-verb agreement and vocabulary.

In all four events, students can learn and practice skills as they play against the computer. This is an excellent way for independent skills practice in a low-risk environment for students to build confidence. They can also compare their efforts against the best performing students in their class, school and across the world, great motivation to keep improving!

Encourage your students to jump on and explore the new and improved Stadium today!

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