Greg Jones is a Year 5 teacher with specialist qualifications in Physical Education and Mathematics.  He has been teaching for approximately 33 years, as an educator is passionate about engaging students in using information technology to support student learning.  He has been a leading advocate of embracing on-line learning resources to enhance student achievement.

Regarded by his colleagues as Greg the Reading Egg, Greg’s goal is to assist students in realising their potential and becoming well-balanced members of our society.

As an educator trends that I feel will impact on students in coming years include the further development of the use of ICT to assist student learning and move towards online National assessments.

Greg has expressed interest in the development of a Reading Eggspress placement test to level students at the appropriate stage using the English Spelling Skills. He’d particularly like to see a Spelling inventory that could be used to analyse the features of student’s spelling to place them accordingly on the Reading Eggs developmental map.

I am looking forward to the release of the new Grammar resource later this year because this is an area that is reflected as an area of need in our school’s achievement data.