Reading Eggs Certification Level 1

My students use Reading Eggs as part of their learning process to improve results

Student Engagement Outcomes

My students regularly use Reading Eggs for learning

Reading Eggs is a perfect platform to get children onto a great path of solid literary grounding. A fun and engaging program, that brings the experience of learning through reading into the modern era. Certification acknowledges teachers using Reading Eggs to its fullest ability to attain the highest quality education using the knowledge and resources provided. The level 1 certification identifies student, teacher and assessment indicators that ensures quality learning actions using Reading Eggs.

My students are completing the placement test on their initial login to Reading Eggs/ Eggspress

There are multiple ways to increase engagement. Creating shortcuts on school computers or QR codes for mobile devices, simplifying students passwords in Manage Class and using placement tests and lesson guides to ensure students work to their ability level. This creates ease of accessibility and grounding in reading mechanics that each student needs to address.

My students independently access lessons for reading and comprehension

Students can make the most out of this independent learning if they pace themselves. There are 120 Reading Egg lessons and 220 Reading Eggspress lessons. The advantage of autonomous learning is it can be done at different rates based on how a student takes in information, so pacing towards independent learning rates ensures students are getting quality learning. Encouraging independent learners to complete reading or comprehension homework on a weekly basis is also valuable as it sets a challenge for students. These weekly tasks will then thread students’ knowledge and create progression.

My students complete their quizzes and are encouraged to retry for improvement

Reading Eggs provides incentives for good results to create engagement. Students can earn eggs, critter rewards or trading cards by reaching an 80% result. Reinforce these incentives and put fuel to the fire. Students completing quizzes quickly can also be an indicator of students’ class progress. Use statistics in Reading Eggs in order to determine whether this is a sign of more help being needed.

My students independently access Skills Bank / English Skills for spelling

Emerging readers will develop and consolidate their reading confidence prior to unlocking Skills Bank after Lesson 40. Reiterate this to ensure lessons are done with proper care and attention. Print worksheets using teacher resources, phonics and spelling to reinforce what is learnt through the skills bank. Make sure student are aware of their progress bar and level indicators in English Skills so they can track their own progress.

My students access My Program books / Library books independently at school and/or at home

Encourage students to evaluate books using star ratings and composing reviews, this makes sure they read to their level and remain active in thought, reflection and observation. Make sure students are aware of digital bookmarking tool so they can pace and understand what their reading. Remind students to use search to identify topics of interest, study or research as relevance in early reading helps in creating processes of deliberation. Build incentive through the eggs rewarded after completing an activity. Students can search for books using their reading age or lexile level. Encourage students to adjust the reading age slider, to identify books within their interest or ability level.

My students understand the program motivators, know how to earn eggs and awards, and I acknowledge their success

These students can have a number of ways to improve their success. Encouraging students to earn certificates and acknowledging these accomplish in assembly or class emphasises the weight of their accomplishment and will create a want to improve. Reference Reading Eggs outside of the program, this creates an open discussion of their in game apartments, trading cards and so on and keeps them motivated to improve their reading abilities.

These indicators and actions on the student level map out quality technological learning. Use these tips to build on students engagement and ensure that their making the most out of Reading Eggs. But that is not all that can be done, teacher and assessment outcomes also relay a number of indicators and actions that can create certification level quality learning.