Reading Eggs Certification Level 1


Teaching Outcomes

I use the Reading Eggs teacher resources to enrich the learning process for my students

Reading Eggs is program built on making the most out of the best possible resources in order to ensure kids are getting the best possible result when it comes to reading. There are a number of indicators that show pathways to a teacher’s ability to make the most of Reading Eggs in their classroom. The response teachers have to such indicators can effect the teaching and assessment outcomes of your class.

I use my Demo Student for whole class and group teaching

Display Teacher Demonstration on your IWB or data projector as a teaching tool to reinforce school learning with an engaging format. Use the songs in Music Café to teach sounds. This will portray information in a way that encourages retention through catchy beats and rhythm.

I use Big Books, Book Notes and additional teaching resources relevant to my year level

Plan lessons by searching for letters, sounds, words or books in Teacher Resources or Library. Accessing the handwriting support resources is also a good direction as using teacher and support resources ties into the resources you provide for learning and gives a well-rounded understanding of reading concepts. Use the Targeting Interactive Series to access Targeting, Imaginative, Information Writing (K-2) and Persuasive interactives.

I use Manage Lessons to edit levels or reset placement tests for my students to ensure they are working at the correct level

Allow for differentiated learning where your students are working above or below their year level and analyse student placement test results and adjust if required. These directions are about ensuring students aren’t left behind by altering their work levels to a point where a student can learn best.

I use Manage Assignments for targeted learning

Ensure students are working on the activities that support your teaching program to balance custom learning with core class learning. Setting assignments for your students reinforces topic-based learning.


Assesment Outcomes

I use the Reading Eggs teacher resources for assessment

I use Student Stats to review progress in spelling, reading and comprehension

let students know you can see their result. Informing them that you are regulating their progress adds weight to their Reading Eggs efforts as they will have to self-evaluate themselves to improve results. It shows that concentration and effort is needed as their results are actually being tracked.

Do you see these indicators and outcomes at the student, teacher or assessment level at your school? Then you may be closer to a certified quality level of learning and teaching than you originally thought. Using these tips and tricks with Reading Eggs ensures that your students’ will be making the most of Reading Eggs as a resource for literary development.

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