There are five key benefits of using Storylands as your Guided Reading Scheme.

1. Builds student vocabulary
Storylands books build student vocabulary with themed sets of books on high-interest topics. Each land has its own content-area vocabulary. By reading a number of books on the same theme, students learn new concepts and vocabulary, and a rich vocabulary is directly linked to improved learning outcomes across curriculum.

2. Develops comprehension skills
Storylands improves student comprehension with focused multilevel questions in every title. These head, heat and hidden questions build skills in fact finding, inference, predicting and making connections.

3. Improves fluency
With all the qualities of Children’s Picture Books, Storylands books are designed to be read over and over again. To build reading fluency, students need to hear fluent reading – as provided on the Storylands website. They can then read and re-read their Storylands stories.

4. Increases student involvement and motivation
Storylands builds a classroom community of learners with all student reading books on the same topic and theme. The Storylands website has many features to motivate students to read more books and build comprehension and reading fluency.

5. Builds confidence
Storylands Readers’ Theatre books build students’ confidence in reading aloud. Each land has three Readers’ Theatre books with a variety of levelled parts. Readers’ Theatre is an excellent way to improve fluency and develop speaking and listening skills.