Here at Reading Eggs, we are excited to be able to report back with some more exciting news about the fantastic work The Click Foundation is doing in partnership with PEN to help improve the education standards among local children in South Africa. In six different educational centers in the inner city of Pretoria alone, the foundation is using Reading Eggs to actively improving the literacy levels of over 400 children between the 4 and 13 years. As they sit behind computers, their eyes light up with excitement as they slowly, but surely progress through the different levels of Reading Eggs.

Thandi (7)* is one of these children sitting behind a computer on the second floor of Oost-Eind primary school in Sunnyside in a small education centre. The centre was recently established so that Thandi* and her classmates can partake in the Reading Eggs program. She is part of the first group of 60 children who have been put on the program at Oost-Eind. Most of these children cannot read or write a word of English and are struggling to graduate from their first school year because of this.

For Thandi* Reading Eggs is not just like playing any other game. The opportunity to participate in the program can change her life for good. It can mean the difference between passing Gr 1 or failing it. The difference of completing her school career or not… For Thandi* it can be the one opportunity she needs in life to be able to choose a bright future for herself in a city where life is not always easy.

“PEN partnered with the Click Foundation to roll out the Reading Eggs program in Pretoria because we believe that teaching children how to read is the first step in addressing the literacy crisis in South Africa.”

Marinda van Niekerk
, CEO of PEN


In 2014 Reading Eggs will reach over 2,000 learners in the Pretoria region of South Africa

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*Names have been changed