Book Books

This area covers 34 Reading Recovery levels with over 330 books. most of the books will have book notes and Reading Record Sheets, these will feature in a link under the title of the books that contain these options on the Big Books page.

Big books can be used as a classroom resource to add a dynamic to classroom learning. Students can have a group reading session using books that fit the many reading levels within a classroom, which can be switched and moved around by the progression of class reading abilities. Sections containing worksheets within Big Books can then become a class task or open discussion point to solidify learning and observation through an open dialogue with teachers and students, or these sections can become assigned as homework to allow a more self-paced learning.

Themed learning can be implemented using the many subjects addressed within the wide range of books. For instance, you can have reading periods in the class dedicated to learning about animals using the range of books on this topic. Big books can also be allocated by subject matter on a group or individual level to encourage more engaged reading based off student interests. For instance, giving a students books related to boats for students who love fishing. The reception of reading concepts will be magnified when you can connect learning to areas of interest.

Book Notes & teacher access to library

On the left-hand side of the navigation menu, you will find the selection Big Notes. From here you can access the library as well as a table where you can search for supplementary resources.

the library contains over 2000 titles and is a perfect platform to boost your knowledge and resources in other subject areas. History, people and society, geography, science, health and sport are all areas covered by the selection of books within the library.

 Books within the Library span across a range of year and level difficulties to allow students to read to diverse levels and pace their positive progression. Students from years k – 6, Levels 0 – 34 and Lexiles BR – 1680L have access to books that meet specific text complexity demands for all students and engaging levelled questions for each book to assess reading comprehension.

Students can be tested on knowledge and comprehension from a reading development and subject matter standpoint through the Libraries dedicated Book Notes, Chapter and book quizzes that can be found for many of the books in the Library.