REGGS_comprehension gym

What is comprehension?

Comprehension is the ability to read a text, engage with it and extract meaning. It is one of the key components in the reading process. Sometimes students might appear to be confident readers and may read a passage aloud with fluency and expression in their voice. However, when questioned, they may not fully understand what the text was about. There are several different strategies that assist students to engage fully with a text.

The ABC Reading Eggspress Comprehension Gym

ABC Reading Eggspress creates a unique learning environment that encourages students to develop their comprehension skills at their own individual level. The Reading Eggspress comprehension gym is where students get to practise their comprehension skills. Students are more engaged in texts, as they are encouraged to choose books based on their own personal preference and interests. Furthermore, the diagnostic testing and student management tools enable teachers to place each student at different levels based on their individual abilities.

The 200 Comprehension Gym lessons cover 5 broad levels equivalent to school grades 2 – 6. The comprehension gym is divided into five sections, catering for students aged 7-13. The texts on offer cover a wide range of genres, including narratives, fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends, persuasive texts, poetry and transactional writing such as invitations, postcards and letters. The diversity and accessibility of these texts ensures that students never get bored! Ultimately, heightening student engagement and enjoyment to foster learning.

Benefits of the Comprehension Gym for teachers and students

Each student completes a Comprehension Gym Placement Test which places them at an appropriate level within the program. With 40 lessons per level, all students can be working at their skill level. Each lesson set, eg 2.1 or 2.2 has 10 interactive comprehension lessons, with 5 nonfiction and 5 fiction text samples. Each lesson has 5 or 6 pre-reading activities that build comprehension strategies, then the student reads the extract, followed by a 16-question comprehension quiz. Students can work through these 10 lessons in any order. Once all lessons are completed, they move to the next lesson set.

The Reading Eggspress Comprehension Gym can help students who have difficulty interpreting and understanding text. It offers a variety of interactive lessons to teach important comprehension strategies. Students firstly engage in pre-reading activities that model and teach a variety of strategies. This is followed by a reading passage and a set of questions that assess a child’s factual, inferential and critical understandings of the text. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, the Comprehension Gym is a fun and engaging way to help students improve their comprehension skills.