I’m Tristan, the WEG 2015 Ambassador for Victoria, Australia. I am delighted to say that loads of students from all year levels at my school are participating in the games for the first time: it is, and will be a great success! I am absolutely pumped to be part of the games and it has been fantastic to see kids who wouldn’t normally enjoy maths or literacy have a go and not only do so well, but have such fun too.  There’s been a huge buzz around school during play time with loads of kids talking about WEG.

Very fortunately, the total amount of points raised for UNICEF so far is nearly 137 million … now that’s a whopping load of points! That means that many, many more kids around the world will have the opportunity of an education, thanks to UNICEF’s “School-In-A Box” Program.

So C’MON Victorians, there’s still time to finish your 20 WEG games to climb up the Hall of Fame!

Tristan G